Monday, December 24, 2007

Fuck Christ! this is Crust!! pt.1


Here's some pics from the show on the 22 of December! Antimob fuckin' rocked for one more time with their japcore/crust set!! I'll post more pics as soon as i print the film! (I mostly took pictures with my analog camera!)
Damned Christmas to everyone!

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

See Ya In The Pit!

I haven't post anything for some time due to lack of shows but i'll make up to it soon! Until then come to this show and share your anti-Christian feelings with me!!! Merry Crustmas fuckers!!

Monday, November 5, 2007

Some more pics from Orfanotrofeio..

Early in the afternoon,before the show,some graffiti artists showed up and turned the once blank and cold walls of the squat into a colorful scenery reflecting their view on the stale world we live in but with the hope that nothing is over yet,we'll have the last word! Enjoy!

Sunday, November 4, 2007

Nagasaki Nightmare,Post Fata Resurgo,Reststoffen @ Orfanotrofeio squat

Post Fata Resurgo

Nagasaki Nightmare

This show was for celebrating the 1 year of Orfanotrofeio squat in Thessaloniki. The first band (i don't know their name and unfortunately i didn't take any pictures of them!) were from Thessaloniki and they played modern hardcore/thrash and they were very good at it! Reststoffen (my band!) were next,this was our first show and i must say that it was really good apart from some mistakes i did in a couple of songs...hehe! (we decided not to upload any pictures!) Next were Nagasaki Nightmare from Rome,Italy.Mid-paced crust,D-beat with great double vocals,one voice was straight from the gutter and the other one was high-pitched that at times sounded like fuckin' crazy black metal!!! Their sound brings to mind Fall Of Efrafa in a much rawer version! Last were Post Fata Resurgo also from Rome,they were all over the place, fantastic crust/hc/metal with male/female vocals. At times they reminded me of Unkind and/or Ictus! Everything was great and we'd like to thank all the kids from the squat for everything (the best food i had,thanks!!!....thanks for giving us a place to stay!) Happy Birthday Orfanotrofeio!!!
Squat the world! A//E

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Crust Division,Korozao live @ Villa Amalias


Crust Division

Two great bands from Brazil here,Crust Division and Korozao. Crust Division play crazy thrashcore with some metal thrown in for a good measure,their stage presence was fuckin' awesome! From the first struck of the chord they went ape shit!!! They brought to mind the Brazilian thrash legends Ratos De Porao. Next were Korozao with their total Sepultura worship,but to tell the truth I enjoy Korozao more than Sepultura..hehe! Both bands were great and really nice people too. By the way I tried some shots with slow shutter speeds and I believe they came out pretty good...very cool!
Mosh your way out!

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Antimaster live @ Kalidromiou 94


xFor No Reasonx

I arrived a bit late so i missed the opening band Friki, although i've seen them 3 times by now i just wanted more of their old-school thrash-death metal! The next band was XFor No Reasonx and this was also the 3rd time i saw these guys and i must confess that this was their best show! It was like going back to 1984! Straightedge hc played fast like Side By Side,Youth Of Today and the like (take a look at the picture with the singer and the guy with the straightedge t-shirt!). These guys were jumping all the fuckin' time!!! Antimaster from Mexico cracked my scull open with their pulverizing crust sounds!!! Incredible! Although they had some kind of a personal sound,i would say they were a mix between Skitsystem and Ekkaia.
More crust please....

Varukers live @ Street Attack and my fucked up camera lens!

This time i decided to get pictures only with my analog camera so i could try some ''artistic'' shots, but it ended in total disaster!!! The camera lens i used were kinda fucked up and all the photos came out blur, of course i did some awful mistakes too! Anyway, the show was awesome, all the bands were great and there was a lot of diversity from band to band. First was a band that joined the bill the last minute and i wasn't able to get their name, they played some good old punk rock'n'roll in the vein of Social Distortion. Human Battle from Athens took over the stage next with their tuneful street punk which sounded a lot like The Restarts. Biochemical Virus from Thessaloniki played next and they amped things up a bit more with their crusty punk, next were Greet the Dead,a crust band not unlike From Ashes Rise. Varukers destroyed everything in their path with their raw d-beat attack and the in-your-face lyrical attack delivered from Rat! Everyone was stage-diving (or at least was trying to) and the pogo stopped only after the last track! Last were Rajaahta from Kavala, a great band delivering raw 80's Finnish hc with covers from Kaaos,Bastards,Mob 47 and some of their own material as well.
Stay punk or stay away!!!

Monday, September 24, 2007

Anti-Mob,Born/Dead,Swartzandanger Live @ Panteios University



What more do you need on a Sunday afternoon than an intense punk show!!! It was clear from the start that this show would be fuckin' awesome! First on the bill were Anti-Mob from Athens with their Japanese influenced punk/hc and their ferocious energy on stage,next were Born/Dead from Oakland CA,fast old-school anarcho-hc/punk.I've been listening to their records for quite some time and I was dying to see them play,I almost forgot to take some pictures from their set cause i was too busy in the small circle pit!!! Finally the almighty Swartzandanger left almost everyone speechless with their epic crust/grind/metal/sludge 40 minute long song!!! Fuckin' A! By the way Will (guitarist and singer of Born/Dead) and Panos Asthma (KS94 collective,Mountza zine) had their birthdays and we threw a small party afterwards! Happy Birthday guys!
Special thanx to everyone that helped us put up this show!

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Guided Cradle @ Viologiko squat,Thessaloniki

Since this was the first show of the season and because they didn't had any show booked in Athens, I decided to take a short trip to Thessaloniki (that's 500 km from Athens) to watch Guided Cradle blow some heads with their crusty D-beat! Guided Cradle are from Czech Republic and they just released their second LP ''You will not survive''. These guys blow you from the start with their raw,full overdriven,metallic D-beat! I would also like to thank the people from Delta squat for giving me a place to stay while in Thessaloniki.

See ya in the pit! A//E

More photos soon!!

Thursday, September 6, 2007

Sign the petition!!!

End animal suffering:

1.because we're not alone on this planet..
2.because animals have feelings too...
3.because it's about fuckin' time to treat animals with respect!

Sign now!!!!

Friday, August 24, 2007

There's nothing left...

Another wildfire broke out in Greece,in southern Peloponisos this time. The fire started in the early afternoon and it spread fast due to strong winds in the area. By now the fire has killed 19 people and burned down more than 10 villages. The area the fire broke out was one of the most beautiful places in Greece, a great forest which was a habitat to a lot of animals,small villages that lived from agriculture and an unspoiled,small paradise called Kaiafa. 125 fires in one day!!!! How the fuck can this happen?! And when i opened the tv,to watch about the fire,all i could hear was fuckin' excuses!! They said they're sad of what happened,yet they didn't tried to hard to prevent it (they only have 7 Canadeer planes and the 2-3 of them are disabled!!) and there were not enough firefighting squads.They said that they mourn for the people that died but all these people in the end all they get are lies,promises and some more empty promises!!! They said they are sad for all the property that burned down and destroyed! No politician said anything about the ecological destruction that the fire caused,about all the animals that died (and i think that there are some rare species in that area). So here it is....we're about to live the bleak future that all these years we had only seen in crust record covers! Gasmasks and all that stuff. My only wish is to see all the people responsible for the destruction of the planet hanged or being ripped in shreds by a flock of wolves!!! There's nothing left anymore......

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Arm Your Desires Festival @ Tyrnavos

After 3 days of non-stop party and live shows i'm back to the misery of everyday life...shit! Anyway,the first official Arm Your Desires festival was fuckin' great despite the bad weather, luckily the kids that organized the fest were prepared for the worst and everything rolled smoothly,when the rain started to fall they covered the stage with two tents so the bands could play. The worst thing that happened was that my cameras' batteries went out at some point and i only got pictures from 5 bands out of 16 that played both are some of them.From top to bottom:Swartzandanger (grindcore-metal),Nekra Katsikia Trikavalo (crust),Terrorismo Musical(goregrind),xFor No Reasonx (old-school hc),Dyspnea (crust)

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Valpourgia Nyxta,Disnight Bastards,Distress live @ Koepi,Germany

This was the only show i managed to see in Germany but it was great.The show took place in Koepi which is a squat,currently under the threat of eviction,in east Berlin.The first band was Valpourgia Nyxta from Greece and that was the first show of their first tour.They play punk rock but with a lot dark melodies and they have a violin on some songs which sounds great.They describe themselves as eco-punks.I've seen them play a lot of times but this show was their best! Next was Disnight Bastards from Spain,they play D-beat crust with some Finnish hc parts and they have two vocalists trading vocals from high to low pitch.The last band was Distress from Russia.It was the first time i saw a band from Russia and i didn't know what to expect but these guys fuckin'ripped!!! Amazing swedish-like hc crust like Wolfbrigade but with way more overdrive on their guitars and vocals straight from the depths of hell! Just what i needed for my vacations to be completely perfect!
(from top to bottom:Distress,Disnight Bastards,Valpourgia Nyxta)

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Greek punx attack Germany!!

For the next ten days i'll be in Germany with fellow punx.Our goal is to taste all the famous german beers and see as many bands as we can take!!! Unfortunately we'll miss the Packenbusch festival organised by Yellow Dog records but there'll be more great shows and i'll have my camera with me!! On the 4th and 5th of August takes place the second annual festival in Tyrnavo,near Larissa with Aktivna Propaganda,Pavilionoul 32 and more great bands...don't miss it! It's in a great place under the shadows of huge trees,next to small artificial lake with ducks and there's also enough space to put up your tent.It will be like a punx pic-nic!!!....Until then...keep resisting and stay punk!

Friday, June 29, 2007

Magrudergrind live@ ks94

Power-violence attack!!! Magrudergrind from Washington DC,U.S fuckin'ripped! They played a crazy set despite the unbearable heat. This was the last show for this season and i dare to say that it was one of the best shows i've seen lately,no need for a bass since the guitarist is a wall of distorted guitars by himself and it sounds perfect. Highlight of the show: singers' high jumps and the closing song: rehashed unmastered! They also win the title for the best song name ever!!! Emo Holocaust!!! Do not miss this band live!!!Fuck artsy,fartsy fashion grindcore.

''Take a deep breath 'cause we're all dying''

For the last 48 hours a fire was raging in the last wildlife resort in Athens,placed in the mount Parnitha.The fire started in the early afternoon(27/6) and after two hours came the first firefight squad with 4 firefighters(!!!) The residents of the region did whatever they could to not let the fire expand.In Parnitha there's also a casino....seems that the fire department gave orders to their squads to protect the casino first from the fire!!! The fire became uncontrollable and could not be under control 'till late in the night on the 28th.
Now this once beautiful place looks like a napalmed site....burn the casinos,not the forests....revenge now!

Thursday, June 21, 2007


So...finally summer's here and we got another great live show,this time time it's Magrudergrind (power-violence from u.s) and the greek crust band Hibernation.This show will be the last of the ''season'', apart from the two festivals,(Athens and Tyrnavo near Larissa) with mostly greek punk-hc-crust bands,but more about that on future posts! As for the tortures in the greek police station in Omonia,what more can we say? They try to make the people believe that it was a ''happened-only-once'' incident!...Well ofcourse they're lying.The last 3 years more than 9 people died in greek prisons and police stations under unknown circumstances,most of them belonged to minority groups such as immigrants,mentally ill and heroin addicts....suspicious isn't it?
More bad news is that another squat in Spain got evicted and demolished some days ago..a message to cops,politicians and any authority figures:''keep your fuckin' hands off the squats!!!''
''Object Refuse/Reject Abuse''-DIRT......See you in the pit!!!

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

The Feelers live @ ks94

The Feelers is a garage punk band from Portland,USA.Seeing then play live was an experience since i've heard this guys are crazy on stage! From their first song the audience and the band were already sweating and dancing....the elements of a great show!

Sunday, June 3, 2007

Clorox Girls live @ ks94

One of the best shows i've ever been to! Pure punk rock energy!Clorox Girls are from Ohio,USA.Their sound owes much to the english '77 punk scene (Sex Pistols,Buzzcocks,older Damned,etc),the lyrics are about love,heartbreaks and other usual topics of the genre.Great guys too.Check'em out!!

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Squat in Keramiko,Greece got evicted

Millerou & Germanikou squat existed for 10 months....yesterday got evicted.The eviction took place in the early morning (7:00pm),the timing was planned so supporters could not be there and maybe try to stop the eviction. The squatters got arrested and they were all at first prosecuted,but after a short court session they were all set free.
Don't let these bastards put us down.....organize and attack!! Solidarity is our weapon!

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

''Squat the world,Smash the state''

The last years a lots of squats have faced the threat of eviction in europe due to the ''war on terrorism'' madness. The european states have found an inside enemy that's opposed to their plans. That's the autonomous-anarchist-antifascist movements and the squats that operate as centers of anarchist practice,communal living and other kind of activities.Koepi is a squat that facing eviction,support Koepi! Ungdomshuset is down....a thousand more will rise! A//E for more information.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Jmenfous live @ Villa Amalias

Jmenfous are from Switzerland but for the most time they're on the road touring constantly.Their sound is unique,experimental,post-punk/hc,they can drive you crazy with their irritating sounds and live performance.This pic is from the last time they visited Greece.

Monday, May 21, 2007

Hibernation live @ Geoponikh Sxolh 12-5-07

Hibernation is an old-school crust/hc band from Greece.They've been around for about 10 years or so but they don't play live shows that often,so it's been some kind of experience for me seeing' them play! I managed to get this picture,which by the way i consider to be the best i've taken so far,by almost almost falling of the woofer i was standing on. Well worth the try!!!

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Stopcox live @ Geoponikh Sxolh 12-5-07

Stopkox is a great punk/hc band from Germany and most of their lyrics are focused on animal/earth liberation issues.This must have been their 2nd or 3rd time in greece as a band.The best thing about their music is that they managed to have a personal sound which is a hard thing to do in such an overplayed genre.Great shows too!

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Oi Polloi live @ Geoponikh Sxolh 12-5-07

No need for introductions here,Oi Polloi live!!! It's something i was looking forward to since i first got into punk.Still fresh and full of energy even after all these years.By the way the show was a benefit for greek political prisoners and Oi Polloi had a small speech about how important these actions of solidarity are.Unite and win!!!

Sarabante live @ ks94

Sarabante is a greek crust band.They mix the sound of Catharsis with skandinavian hc. Check them out in

The Now-Denial live @ ks94

One of my favorite bands and totally nuts live! Melodic crust from Germany.

Ruidosa Inmundicia live@ Villa Amalias 5-4-07

Ruidosa Inmudicia is from Austria and their sound falls somewhere between hc and thrashcore. They toured europe with Sotatila recently.Check their website:

Sunday, May 13, 2007

No Gods,No Masters.....

I just discovered two blogs about christianity and i thought they'll love's a church on fire!!!

Sotatila live @ Villa Amalias 5-4-07

Sotatila hails from Austria but their sound comes straight from Finland (as their singer too!).Finnish '80's hc revival!!! They share members with Ruidosa Inmudicia and their singer is the drummer of the legendary Finnish hc band Riistetyt!