Monday, August 11, 2008

Arm Your Desires Festival Day 3

Melanocetus Muray
Black Trinity

Terrorismo Musical


Here's the last post for the Arm Your Desires fest from the 3rd day of extreme drinking and musical destruction! It was a killer day and everyone partied fuckin' hard! First on stage were Dyspnea,a dark crust band from the rainy mountains of Tyrnavos! Even though they had some serious sound problems (an almost burned out guitar amp and electricity problems) they put on a great show and they sounded way better than the last time I saw them! Old-school crust attack! Next were Hibernation,if you're not familiar with this band then there's something wrong with you! It's the oldest Greek crust band that is still active and they never disapoint live! They played some new tracks,that I might add that they were great,in the vein of their older material,and all of the classics! I hope they have plans for a new release soon! Next,if I remember correctly,were Schizogony,a brutal death band from Athens. I took no pictures of them 'cause I had some drinks and a chat with some friends I haven't seen for awhile.It was typical brutal death metal and to say the truth I don't like this style at all but who cares what I think! Moving on,next were Απέχθεια (Aversion).I had heard good things about them and I was very curious to finally see them play live.I was fuckin' blown out! Disclose/Mob 47 worship all the way! Ultra noizy distorted guitar,bass that resembles the sound your head makes when you hit the concrete pavement and drums that hit you like a fuckin' A-bomb!!! Even the guitarist's voice sounds like Kawakami's! Keep it up fuckers! Terrorismo Musical were next,they play raw crust/gore/grind and their lyrics have a clear political leaning which I like that,unlike most bands of this genre that only write songs about blood and rotten meat! Anyway,after a couple of songs the one guitar amp blown out and they had to continue with only one guitar which was a real shame 'cause they have a fat and distorted sound with both guitars that's great.But they didn't disapoint even with one guitar! By the way the just released a split 7" with Disturbance Project which is great,check them out! Next were Black Trinity from Thesalonniki,they play old-school black metal like old Mayhem,Sarcofago and Darkthrone! My only complaint is that the drummer needs to exercise his blast-beat and use it all the time! They even played a Mayhem cover! Praise the Dark Lord fuckers! Last were Melanocetus Muray,a harsh noise band also from Thesalonniki,it was clear that they improvised on stage but if you were there your mind would've been destroyed from the ultra distorted howling bass! It can't be described with words! The vocalist made some really creepy screams and screeches that fit the (anti) music perfectly.
After all the bands played a jam session started mostly with grind/noise stuff and I was drunk enough to dance with my friends and forget about the next day and that we had to leave and get back to the miserable routine of everyday life........
Till next time....smash a cop's face!

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Arm Your Desires Festival Day 2

Sardanapalm DeathBy the time I had just recovered from last day's hangover the first band started their set! First were Sardanapalm Death from Patra.Their sound is what I call "Napalm Death goes hardcore"! Anyway,they had a good set and they were great opening for what it seemed like a promising day! Right after Sarabante from Athens took over the stage.This was their first show in nearly 2 years,they have a new line up and I was looking forward to see them live.I was fuckin' stoked!!! They play Swedish hc/crust with a lot of melodies and a howling bass that sounds like a fuckin' tank destroying everything in its path!!! Awesome! Asfyxia from Athens were next and they were tighter and better from all the other times I've seen their ugly faces on stage! Old-school,in-your-face crusty/hc.They were very energetic on stage and the people really enjoyed it. A lot of people had high hopes for the next band since it's one of the old Greek hc bands that reunited recently and play live extensively.It's Panikos I'm talking about! I saw them in Kavala some time ago and I was waiting for something great but they were just good,at the time I thought it was the sound that did them no good but from what it seemed that was not the case!Anyway,they played a short set of songs with large pauses between the songs and just before you noticed they were off the stage!By the time the next band was preparing to get on stage I was drunk and I needed something to relax and then it came to me that the next band was Johnny and the Carbonaras!!! I've seen them before and I was excited to see them again.They play psychedelic/surf/rock'n'roll and it's perfect if you're drunk or stoned! They had a great set and the sound was really good,I could hear everything clearly.Two thumbs up! Last but not least were Aas from Athens.They were all drunk but they managed to play a great show and get the vibe accross.Chaotic,garage-y,rock'n'roll guitars accompanied by fast drumming and groovy bass! They played for an hour or so if I remember correctly! Fuck yeah!!!

Arm Your Desires Festival Day 1

Μελιτζάνες Τουρσί
Finally a new post! Here are some photos from the first day of Arm Your Desires fest.Unfortunately lots of bands canceled the last moment because they had unexpected obligations or for more serious reasons but anyway the fest was a blast! So here we go,the first band was called Melitzanes Toursi,a local band (sorry but I can't translate it in English!).They were a very young band and they only played covers from Anti-Flag,Nirvana,Blur (with altered lyrics!) and some others I can't recall now.I liked the Anti-Flag cover but it should be faster! This was their first show so I hope they'll get better and write they're own material.Next were Adikaiologitos Apon (Unjustifiable Missing),this was their last show and I must confess that this was their best show ever! They were tight and in time unlike all the other times I've seen them! They play old-school Greek punk like Stress and Genia Tou Xaous (Chaos Generation).Too bad they broke up,I wanted more! Gegen Den Strom played their second show but it was nowhere near as good as their first in Villa Amalias squat some time ago! I guess they were all tired and/or drunk! They were not bad at all,they just didn't had the energy and excitement of their first show!For those who are not familiar with them,they play Greek crusty hc in the vein of Chaotic End and Panikos with male and female vocals.
I forgot to mention the 2 hip-hop bands that played first before all the punk bands,Speira and Propaganda.I'm not familiar with hip-hop but I can assure you that both bands were good and I liked a lot of the samples they used...give them a listen if you like the genre!