Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Arm Your Desires Festival Day 1

Μελιτζάνες Τουρσί
Finally a new post! Here are some photos from the first day of Arm Your Desires fest.Unfortunately lots of bands canceled the last moment because they had unexpected obligations or for more serious reasons but anyway the fest was a blast! So here we go,the first band was called Melitzanes Toursi,a local band (sorry but I can't translate it in English!).They were a very young band and they only played covers from Anti-Flag,Nirvana,Blur (with altered lyrics!) and some others I can't recall now.I liked the Anti-Flag cover but it should be faster! This was their first show so I hope they'll get better and write they're own material.Next were Adikaiologitos Apon (Unjustifiable Missing),this was their last show and I must confess that this was their best show ever! They were tight and in time unlike all the other times I've seen them! They play old-school Greek punk like Stress and Genia Tou Xaous (Chaos Generation).Too bad they broke up,I wanted more! Gegen Den Strom played their second show but it was nowhere near as good as their first in Villa Amalias squat some time ago! I guess they were all tired and/or drunk! They were not bad at all,they just didn't had the energy and excitement of their first show!For those who are not familiar with them,they play Greek crusty hc in the vein of Chaotic End and Panikos with male and female vocals.
I forgot to mention the 2 hip-hop bands that played first before all the punk bands,Speira and Propaganda.I'm not familiar with hip-hop but I can assure you that both bands were good and I liked a lot of the samples they used...give them a listen if you like the genre!


automaton3 said...

Hey Bak, thanks for the photos - I wish I was there!... You probably can't translate `melitzanes toursi' in english because no such thing exists, to the best of my knowledge :)... A literal translation would be `pickled eggplants' I guess, but I wouldn't line up to taste them anyhow!

Anonymous said...

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