Saturday, April 4, 2009

Cheap Time,Screaming Fly,Aas @ New Katarameno Syndromo

This was the first show in the new Katarameno Syndromo and I dare to say that it was a fuckin' blast! The show space kicks ass,it's a small basement with great punk decoration,great sound and as always it's perfect for small sweaty punk shows like this one! Good luck with your next shows there punx!
On to the show now,Aas played first,I haven't seen them for awhile and their set blew me away,maybe the sound was better compared to their previous shows or they just got better! I don't know and I don't give a fuck! They rocked! Great and simple punk rock'n'roll vibes that get you in a dancing mood from the first beat!
Next were Screaming Fly whom I've never heard before but they managed to get me going and wanting for more,rock'n'roll mixed with psychedelic rock and lots of other stuff! Hope to see them again soon.
Cheap Time from the U.S delivered some pop-garage punk and got everyone dancing. No slow/mid tempo pop-shit-punk here! Fast and crazy garage punk like the Mummies and The Queers. I want more!!!
Cheers to everyone attending this show and once again good luck in the future,It's very refreshing to get a new show space in this hellhole called Athens!

Schwartz and Anger,Multi Culti,Timetrap,Javaspa,Crescendo,Kalazaar @ Villa Amalias squat

This was the squats' first show in almost a year since the attack by fascists which caused some heavy damage on the building,fortunately everything turned out great and most of the damages are now fixed! There was some really great job done! This show was for the squats' 19th birthday by the way.
Unfortunately I wasn't able to see all the bands cause of the large attendance (the show space was packed!) and partly because I was tired being there 4-5 hours before the show starts,so I just saw my good friends SchwartzandAnger who were the first band on stage.Powerfull and energetic as always! Fast,hard-hitting crust/grind with some dose of swedish death metal! Fuckin' A!
We (Kalazaar) played last,around 3 o'clock after midnight,it was one of our best shows so far and for that we have to thank all of our friends dancing and throwing (mostly half full) beer cans at us!
Well that's it! I 'd like to apologize to the rest of the bands from the show not reviewed here,sorry guys but I was too tired to stay and watch all the bands! I promise I'll make up to it :)
Happy b-day Villa Amalias!!