Thursday, July 26, 2007

Valpourgia Nyxta,Disnight Bastards,Distress live @ Koepi,Germany

This was the only show i managed to see in Germany but it was great.The show took place in Koepi which is a squat,currently under the threat of eviction,in east Berlin.The first band was Valpourgia Nyxta from Greece and that was the first show of their first tour.They play punk rock but with a lot dark melodies and they have a violin on some songs which sounds great.They describe themselves as eco-punks.I've seen them play a lot of times but this show was their best! Next was Disnight Bastards from Spain,they play D-beat crust with some Finnish hc parts and they have two vocalists trading vocals from high to low pitch.The last band was Distress from Russia.It was the first time i saw a band from Russia and i didn't know what to expect but these guys fuckin'ripped!!! Amazing swedish-like hc crust like Wolfbrigade but with way more overdrive on their guitars and vocals straight from the depths of hell! Just what i needed for my vacations to be completely perfect!
(from top to bottom:Distress,Disnight Bastards,Valpourgia Nyxta)

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Greek punx attack Germany!!

For the next ten days i'll be in Germany with fellow punx.Our goal is to taste all the famous german beers and see as many bands as we can take!!! Unfortunately we'll miss the Packenbusch festival organised by Yellow Dog records but there'll be more great shows and i'll have my camera with me!! On the 4th and 5th of August takes place the second annual festival in Tyrnavo,near Larissa with Aktivna Propaganda,Pavilionoul 32 and more great bands...don't miss it! It's in a great place under the shadows of huge trees,next to small artificial lake with ducks and there's also enough space to put up your tent.It will be like a punx pic-nic!!!....Until then...keep resisting and stay punk!