Friday, March 21, 2008

Devastation Of Life @ Viologiko squat,Thessaloniki

Here's a great new grindcore band from Athens! This was their first show and they left very positive impressions with their fast as fuck,grinding and skull-crashing songs! Sort songs with pitch shifted vocals,howling bass and crazy blastbeats,no filler all killer! After their set were See You In Hell and Sheevayoga but I had to leave and anyway i saw them the day before!
Keep an eye on Devastation Of Life,i heard they'll release a record soon,good luck to them!

Thursday, March 20, 2008

AntiMob/Burial Greek Tour pt.3 (Kavala w/t See You In Hell and Sheevayoga)

This was the first time most of us visited Kavala and I must confess that it's a beautiful city with few but dedicated punx nevertheless! The show took place at Accion Mutante squat located inside the university campus,we could see the whole city and the sea from the squats' windows,awesome! On to the show now...AntiMob played first and they had a powerful show with great crowd response,next were See You In Hell from Czech Republic,for those unfamiliar with them,they play a mix of european hc that borders with Japcore and crust vocals.Their set was very energetic and the singer was performing some kind of theatrical drama! Sheevayoga (also from Czech Rep) took the stage next and cracked some skulls with their power-violence sounds.They have a sound similar to Infest,which of course is great! Great set too! This was the last show in the tour for Burial so they were really excited and it showed! They were out of fuckin' control! When the first song kicked in there were bodies flying and a massive circle pit (considering the few people,only 50 to 60),even the guy that set up the show and took care of the sound jumped head first into the pit! Fuck yes! Hands down,the best show i've ever been to!

Fear of tomorrow,fear of tomorrow,fear of sun in the sky!!!!

Thanx to the following people for making this whole tour work out great:AntiMob,Burial,Dyspnea,Zwi (thanx for the delicious food!!),Alexia,Mao (thanx for letting us sleep at your place!),Swartzandanger,George,Eva (thanx for giving me a ride to Kavala!),Diamantis,Accion Mutante,Christos (thanx for the accommodation).

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

AntiMob/Burial Greek Tour pt.2 (Thessaloniki w/t Swartzandanger and SardaNapalm Death)

Second day of the tour was in Thessaloniki. I didn't get any photos from the opening band SardaNapalm Death because I had to set up the distro and i found an old friend of mine! Anyway,SardaNapalm Death play hc/punk with heavy vocals,typical greek hc/punk.AntiMob played next,this was their first show in Thessaloniki and the people seemed to dig them,but very few people were dancing.I didn't took any photos from Burial this time because i was sitting at their distro...bummer! Their show was energetic as always but people didn't dance at their set either...come on punx! let go the frustration life offers us every single day out of your system! Circle pit!!! Swartzandanger played last and they kicked in great. They only have one 40 minute long song but they've managed to keep things interesting with a lot of tempo changes and breakdowns,they have a heavy as fuck neo-grindcore/metal/crust sound,awesome!

AntiMob/Burial Greek Tour pt.1( Athens w/t Dyspnea)

The show in Athens was fuckin' awesome! First were Dyspnea from Tyrnavos and this was their first time in Athens. Dyspnea play old-school Scandi-hc/crust with some influences from old greek crust bands,even though they didn't play with their original line-up they were great! AntiMob took the stage next and got the punx dancing with their Japcore-influenced hc/punk tunes.They did some mistakes in some songs but that's ok,i'll try to forgive them! Great! Last were the almighty Burial from Germany,this was their first official show in Athens (last time they came the show was canceled because there was a problem with Villa Amalias squat were the show was being held,but they managed to play a secret gig!). What more can I say about Burial?...Full throttle Japcore attack! One of the best bands right now! The punx went fuckin' nuts from the first song as did the band members too! The highlight was the Blitz cover,the circle pit turned to a windmill!!!