Wednesday, March 19, 2008

AntiMob/Burial Greek Tour pt.2 (Thessaloniki w/t Swartzandanger and SardaNapalm Death)

Second day of the tour was in Thessaloniki. I didn't get any photos from the opening band SardaNapalm Death because I had to set up the distro and i found an old friend of mine! Anyway,SardaNapalm Death play hc/punk with heavy vocals,typical greek hc/punk.AntiMob played next,this was their first show in Thessaloniki and the people seemed to dig them,but very few people were dancing.I didn't took any photos from Burial this time because i was sitting at their distro...bummer! Their show was energetic as always but people didn't dance at their set either...come on punx! let go the frustration life offers us every single day out of your system! Circle pit!!! Swartzandanger played last and they kicked in great. They only have one 40 minute long song but they've managed to keep things interesting with a lot of tempo changes and breakdowns,they have a heavy as fuck neo-grindcore/metal/crust sound,awesome!

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