Thursday, October 30, 2008

Extreme Noise Terror,Desecration,Progress Of Inhumaity,Formikation @ Texas club,Athens

Hi to everyone! It's been a long time since the last post but there were no shows to take pics of,well except one but I was bored and it wasn't that good anyway! Ok,before I start the gig review I should let you know that this was thee best show I've ever attended! Seriously! That said,it's time to move on to the review.
First were Formikation from Athens,some of you that keep track of my posts may remember them from an older show at KS94. They have progressed a lot from then and their set sounds a lot more mature now,they play grindcore but with a more progressive take and they also have a lot of punk and metal elements.Think Magrudergrind,old-school grind like Napalm Death mixed with old Nasum songs and Burst! Yeah,I know it sounds weird but that's what it comes to mind when I hear their songs!Anyways,their set was fuckin' killer despite the inactive crowd! Keep it up guys! Next were Progress Of Inhumanity also from Athens,I hadn't heard this band before but a friend of mine told me that I'll love them...and I did! They don't have a bassist (Formikation don't have a bassist either!) but that was no handicap whatsoever! Old-fuckin' school,in-your-face crusty grind with small doses of metal,now I'm a sucker for crust/grind and these guys surely know how to play this type of shit! They reminded me of Dropdead at times but with more complicated song structures ,overall they were really great and you should give 'em a listen if you get the chance. Desecration were next,they share two members with Extreme Noise Terror but sound nothing like'em! They play old-school death metal,personally I hate death metal so I was just waiting for them to end their set! Some people from the crowd seemed to like their songs (yes,all of them were metalheads!),so I'll just shut up!
Extreme Noise Terror took the stage aterwards and from the first note I knew this was gonna be one hell of a show! Both singers were original members so you got the awesome combination of their first record! I should mention here that I accidentally hit Dean (one of the vocalists) in the teeth! I was so fuckin' excited and I had my fist in the air in front of the stage and he banged his head right on my fist! At first I thought: oh shit...I'm gonna get my ass kicked for that!!!..but he smiled at me and everything were fine,thinking back on it,it's fuckin' hilarious! Anyway,their set was perfect,playing mostly old songs as well as some new that are really good if not equally great as their old stuff and everyone left the show with a smile in his/her face,it's fuckin' Extreme Noise Terror we're talking about here,how someone could not be happy after seeing them live?
Something else I should mention is that one of the singers talked between tracks and explained what each song was about and commented on some social and political issues,to some that might sound indifferent but for me it's very important.Don't forget that Extreme Noise Terror played in the U.K crust/punk scene in the early '80's with politically minded and active bands such as Discharge,Chaos U.K,Antisect and the like.
Ok,that was it for now...till next time..see ya in the streets.