Saturday, October 27, 2007

Crust Division,Korozao live @ Villa Amalias


Crust Division

Two great bands from Brazil here,Crust Division and Korozao. Crust Division play crazy thrashcore with some metal thrown in for a good measure,their stage presence was fuckin' awesome! From the first struck of the chord they went ape shit!!! They brought to mind the Brazilian thrash legends Ratos De Porao. Next were Korozao with their total Sepultura worship,but to tell the truth I enjoy Korozao more than Sepultura..hehe! Both bands were great and really nice people too. By the way I tried some shots with slow shutter speeds and I believe they came out pretty good...very cool!
Mosh your way out!

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Antimaster live @ Kalidromiou 94


xFor No Reasonx

I arrived a bit late so i missed the opening band Friki, although i've seen them 3 times by now i just wanted more of their old-school thrash-death metal! The next band was XFor No Reasonx and this was also the 3rd time i saw these guys and i must confess that this was their best show! It was like going back to 1984! Straightedge hc played fast like Side By Side,Youth Of Today and the like (take a look at the picture with the singer and the guy with the straightedge t-shirt!). These guys were jumping all the fuckin' time!!! Antimaster from Mexico cracked my scull open with their pulverizing crust sounds!!! Incredible! Although they had some kind of a personal sound,i would say they were a mix between Skitsystem and Ekkaia.
More crust please....

Varukers live @ Street Attack and my fucked up camera lens!

This time i decided to get pictures only with my analog camera so i could try some ''artistic'' shots, but it ended in total disaster!!! The camera lens i used were kinda fucked up and all the photos came out blur, of course i did some awful mistakes too! Anyway, the show was awesome, all the bands were great and there was a lot of diversity from band to band. First was a band that joined the bill the last minute and i wasn't able to get their name, they played some good old punk rock'n'roll in the vein of Social Distortion. Human Battle from Athens took over the stage next with their tuneful street punk which sounded a lot like The Restarts. Biochemical Virus from Thessaloniki played next and they amped things up a bit more with their crusty punk, next were Greet the Dead,a crust band not unlike From Ashes Rise. Varukers destroyed everything in their path with their raw d-beat attack and the in-your-face lyrical attack delivered from Rat! Everyone was stage-diving (or at least was trying to) and the pogo stopped only after the last track! Last were Rajaahta from Kavala, a great band delivering raw 80's Finnish hc with covers from Kaaos,Bastards,Mob 47 and some of their own material as well.
Stay punk or stay away!!!