Sunday, October 14, 2007

Antimaster live @ Kalidromiou 94


xFor No Reasonx

I arrived a bit late so i missed the opening band Friki, although i've seen them 3 times by now i just wanted more of their old-school thrash-death metal! The next band was XFor No Reasonx and this was also the 3rd time i saw these guys and i must confess that this was their best show! It was like going back to 1984! Straightedge hc played fast like Side By Side,Youth Of Today and the like (take a look at the picture with the singer and the guy with the straightedge t-shirt!). These guys were jumping all the fuckin' time!!! Antimaster from Mexico cracked my scull open with their pulverizing crust sounds!!! Incredible! Although they had some kind of a personal sound,i would say they were a mix between Skitsystem and Ekkaia.
More crust please....


Anonymous said...

dang that picture with the dude from xFor No Reasonx is so rad, i really like this blog, its a good idea. keep up the great work and stay fucking punk!

Jerboa 666 said...

daks malaka ta spane oi fotos. xenerono omws pu ise esi o fotografos giati se antipatho!

tsisa sto blog su re!!!


alex said...

Antimaster pfff so fuckin cool, and you see it with their original bass player(el Tio) that dude kick ass, great band, great pics, saludos de mexico