Sunday, November 21, 2010

Youth Brigade @ Jasmine rock bar,Athens (19/11/2010)

I don't usually like to go to clubs to see punk bands as the ticket prices are way too expensive and most of the times the show sucks but it was Youth Brigade and decided to give it a shot.
I had seen some reunion shows from old punk bands and 90% of them just left me thinking that I could spent my money on alcohol than go to the show,the worst of them being Misfits and Buzzcocks back in 2004. So I had the right to be suspicious for this show! Thankfully I was proven totaly wrong as Youth Brigade were awesome in every aspect,
their set lasted for about an hour and played all their classics driving the crowd crazy!
What I liked most was that between songs the singer said a few words for the next song and interacted with the people unlike most of these old fuckers that think they're rockstars and don't talk to anyone besides their bandmates! Highlight of the show for me was when he asked the crowd: "Are you grown-ups? Well,I'm not! I mean...I'm in a band called Youth Brigade man!"
I left the show motivated and inspired that I should start a punk band right fuckin' now,something that no band had managed to do before!
Unfortunately no photos from the show 'cause I was bored to carry the camera around hehe.
Now leave this blog and go start a punk band you fuck!

Go Filth Go,Antimob,Crude @ Katarameno Syndromo,Athens (15/11/2010)

Go Filth GoThat was one hell of a show,no doubt about it!
Go Filth Go from Thessaloniki kicked in first dropping a noise punk dis-truction A-bomb heavily influenced by Disclose and got everyone moving and swinging fists in the air! They added a delay pedal in the vocals for the first time and in my humble opinion their sound is now 100% complete.If you're into bands like Disclose (duh!),Kuro,Confuse etc then you need to check'em out for sure!
Antimob from Athens took over the stage next and blew the brains out of everyone in the room with their loud-as-fuck "burning spirits" influenced hc/punk! Hard-hitting songs with a political edge and non-stop guitar solos! Fuck yeah!
After two greek bands that are solely influenced from Japanese bands of the past two decades it was time for the masters! Crude started off with a rock-ish intro and confused most people who weren't familiar with their sound and expected to hear plain hc/punk!
Anyway,their set was amazing and got everyone pleased,the highlight was when they played "Stand and Fight" and turned the crowd in a pile of flying bodies! This show definitely goes in my all-time top 5! As a side note to guitar players,if you missed the show then you missed one of the best guitarists around these days!! He may not speaked a word of english but when on stage he talked through his guitar! Fuckin' A!
All photos by Asthma.

Monday, July 12, 2010

7/7/2010 Bestial Vomit,Archagathus @ the Politechnic University,Athens

No photos from this show 'cause I had just got back from short vacations and I didn't carry my camera with me.
The show was poorly attented because it was in the middle of the summer and most people prefer to visit the greek islands than a grindcore show! Anyways, both bands were really great if you like the genre but the only let down was that there were no "support" bands so the whole thing ended early.
Bestial Vomit from Italy play noise/grindcore,wall-of-noise guitar,bass that sounds like a tank bombing the fuck out of everything(!),hard-hitting drums and vocals from the deepest cave!
I liked them better live than on record,maybe it's the feeling missing from the recordings.
Archagathus are one of my favorites along with Agathocles and I was really eager to see them live. Powerfull,old-school,mincing grindcore from Canada! Their sound was totally primitive and raw,just how I love it! You can check both bands here: Bestial Vomit and Archagathus.

March Into The VoidThat was one of the rare occassions to get my ass to a show in a far away city to watch four greek bands and thankfully it was worth it! The show was inside the University campus of Kozani (north west greece) and the unholy punks decided to do it in front of a church!
Not too many people attented the show but the atmosphere was good and the bands made it even better.
The first band was Atopia,a new band from Athens with a metallic sound and complex song structures that bring to mind Rising Terror (Ανατέλλων Τρόμος),actually the guitar player from Rising Terror is playing in Atopia,so I guess that has something to do with their sound.
For the record,Atopia has ex-members from 925,Avgrund Livet and Rising Terror,I'm looking forward to hear some recorded material from them.
Next were March Into The Void from Thessaloniki,now these guys deliver some of the best dark,epic crust/metal I've heard the last years! Their sound is well worked out as well as the songs,two bands that come to mind as comparisons are Beggining Of The End (from U.K) and Morne (from the the U.S.A). The highlight of their set was the "Darkest Hour" cover from the almighty Amebix! You can check the band here: March Into The Void
Hellstorm from Kozani took over the stage next and blew everyone away with their old-school crust! If Wolfpack and Hellshock formed a band they would sound like Hellstorm!
A great first live and I hope they keep it up and see some releases soon. Check 'em out here: Hellstorm. Last were a very new band from Kozani that also played their first show there,Last Breath had only rehearsed 7 times before they play live but that didn't stop them to unleash their fast hc/street punk tunes! I love it when fresh-formed bands go out and play shows just after a month or less,as long as they think they're ready of course! These guys need to work some more and they'll be perfect,if you like bands like The Restarts,GBH,Chaos UK and the like,then you'll definitely like Last Breath.
The night ended with the best possible way as we all got shitfaced and hit the city center for further drunkness and good times! Thanx to all the bands and people that made our short stay in Kozani a memorable one and special thanx to the Last Breath bassist for sharing his house,cheers!!

Monday, April 5, 2010


Here's my new blog,it's a webzine for the global anarcho punk scene. Check it out,create a link in your blog if you like it and if you have something to contribute get in touch!

Nuclear Flower webzine

Up the fuckin' punx!

Friday, November 6, 2009

Sloa Knivar,Shitcomet,Night Fever,Limp Wrist @ Dodsmaskinen, Copenhagen,Denmark

Undeniably this was one of my top 3 favorite shows! What more could you possibly want?! All bands fuckin' ripped and the place was packed with dancing punx!!
All photos by Kristi once again.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009