Sunday, November 21, 2010

Go Filth Go,Antimob,Crude @ Katarameno Syndromo,Athens (15/11/2010)

Go Filth GoThat was one hell of a show,no doubt about it!
Go Filth Go from Thessaloniki kicked in first dropping a noise punk dis-truction A-bomb heavily influenced by Disclose and got everyone moving and swinging fists in the air! They added a delay pedal in the vocals for the first time and in my humble opinion their sound is now 100% complete.If you're into bands like Disclose (duh!),Kuro,Confuse etc then you need to check'em out for sure!
Antimob from Athens took over the stage next and blew the brains out of everyone in the room with their loud-as-fuck "burning spirits" influenced hc/punk! Hard-hitting songs with a political edge and non-stop guitar solos! Fuck yeah!
After two greek bands that are solely influenced from Japanese bands of the past two decades it was time for the masters! Crude started off with a rock-ish intro and confused most people who weren't familiar with their sound and expected to hear plain hc/punk!
Anyway,their set was amazing and got everyone pleased,the highlight was when they played "Stand and Fight" and turned the crowd in a pile of flying bodies! This show definitely goes in my all-time top 5! As a side note to guitar players,if you missed the show then you missed one of the best guitarists around these days!! He may not speaked a word of english but when on stage he talked through his guitar! Fuckin' A!
All photos by Asthma.

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