Friday, November 6, 2009

Sloa Knivar,Shitcomet,Night Fever,Limp Wrist @ Dodsmaskinen, Copenhagen,Denmark

Undeniably this was one of my top 3 favorite shows! What more could you possibly want?! All bands fuckin' ripped and the place was packed with dancing punx!!
All photos by Kristi once again.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Massmord @ Dodsmaskinen,Denmark June 27 2009

Ripping Headache,Insomnio @ Bumzen,Denmark June 26 2009

Just hours after our arrival in Denmark this summer we had a very pleasant surprise,Ripping Headache (local old-school hc/punx) and Insomnio (melodic old-school punk rock from Spain) were playing in the place we stayed!! Both bands rule and I suggest to check them out!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Witch Hunt @ Accion Mutante,Kavala,September 18 2009

A couple of pictures from the Witch Hunt show in Kavala (northen Greece) again taken by Kristi.

Tragedy,Brutal Knights @ Politechnic University,April 24 2009

Here's some photos from the Tragedy,Brutal Knights show in Athens,all photos are taken by Kristi (a very good friend of mine!). This is just the best out of a bunch,if you'd like to use any of them just live a comment with your e-mail and I'll tranfer it to her so you get them at a better resolution.
No words needed for this show....enjoy!

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Bloody Phoenix,Cut Your Throat,Go Filth Go,Απέχθεια,Devastation Of Life @ Politechnic University,Athens

Fuckin' finally some pics from the Bloody Phoenix show in Athens!!! Unfortunately no pics from Bloody Phoenix(!) 'cause my camera refused to run on low battery! Anyways,this show was really nice and the almost all the supporting bands were from out of town,well except Devastation Of Life.
I'm not gonna provide a show review since it's kinda useless now after all this time but one thing that deserves to be mentioned is that Cut Your Throat and Go Filth Go destroyed everything in their path!!!
New releases coming from both bands so be sure to check'em out.
Bloody Phoenix had a great set too but I was too tired to fully enjoy them,at least I got their latest LP which rules!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

...I'll be back soon!

Not a new post for a long time now! Sorry for this but I have a lot of stuff to take care and they were far more important than updating this blog!
So know I'm in Copenhagen,Denmark for vacations,I was lucky to see some really great bands and meet cool new people and I plan as soon as I get back to greece to post a ton of great pictures from shows and from the city!
Until then,cheers to everyone and take care!
...ohh and of course fuck the police :)

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Skarpretter,Abra Macabra,Mavra Provata @ Lelas Karaganni squat,Athens

Long time since the last post! Too many stuff to take care of and lazyness is to blame for it!
Anyway,here's some photos from the Skarpretter show at Lelas Karagianni squat (the squat hosts punk shows only once a year,celebreting the squat's birthday).
The show space is small and it's always crowded but that was no problem 'cause everyone was jumping around during Skarpretters' set!
The first band was Abra Macabra,a new punk band but with a dark,almost new wave/post punk sound,like a punkier version of Joy Division! Their set,although short,had this very dark feeling and the bands stage presence added more to it. A band I'd like to see some more times with a better sound.
Mavra Provata is a crust/hc band from Patras,their songs and sound are straight from the Tragedy/From Ashes Rise school,although last time I saw them they had a more personal sound.Anyway their set was good and enjoyable but I don't think I would listen to their songs at home more than once! I enjoy listening to bands with a personal sound,not copycats.
Skarpretter from Denmark took the stage next and got everyone in the punk rock mood!
For those of you who don't Skarpretter,they play '77-style punk rock but a with a clear anarcho leaning to their lyrics and attitude. The bands members were all involved with the Ungdomshuset squat (that got evicted and demolished after three days of strong resistance!) and they dedicated the show to people that go out in the streets and fight the fuckin' system! Fuck yes!
By the way,all the pictures are taken from Kristi (I forgot to bring my camera at the show!),she's a better photographer than me!

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Cheap Time,Screaming Fly,Aas @ New Katarameno Syndromo

This was the first show in the new Katarameno Syndromo and I dare to say that it was a fuckin' blast! The show space kicks ass,it's a small basement with great punk decoration,great sound and as always it's perfect for small sweaty punk shows like this one! Good luck with your next shows there punx!
On to the show now,Aas played first,I haven't seen them for awhile and their set blew me away,maybe the sound was better compared to their previous shows or they just got better! I don't know and I don't give a fuck! They rocked! Great and simple punk rock'n'roll vibes that get you in a dancing mood from the first beat!
Next were Screaming Fly whom I've never heard before but they managed to get me going and wanting for more,rock'n'roll mixed with psychedelic rock and lots of other stuff! Hope to see them again soon.
Cheap Time from the U.S delivered some pop-garage punk and got everyone dancing. No slow/mid tempo pop-shit-punk here! Fast and crazy garage punk like the Mummies and The Queers. I want more!!!
Cheers to everyone attending this show and once again good luck in the future,It's very refreshing to get a new show space in this hellhole called Athens!