Thursday, May 7, 2009

Skarpretter,Abra Macabra,Mavra Provata @ Lelas Karaganni squat,Athens

Long time since the last post! Too many stuff to take care of and lazyness is to blame for it!
Anyway,here's some photos from the Skarpretter show at Lelas Karagianni squat (the squat hosts punk shows only once a year,celebreting the squat's birthday).
The show space is small and it's always crowded but that was no problem 'cause everyone was jumping around during Skarpretters' set!
The first band was Abra Macabra,a new punk band but with a dark,almost new wave/post punk sound,like a punkier version of Joy Division! Their set,although short,had this very dark feeling and the bands stage presence added more to it. A band I'd like to see some more times with a better sound.
Mavra Provata is a crust/hc band from Patras,their songs and sound are straight from the Tragedy/From Ashes Rise school,although last time I saw them they had a more personal sound.Anyway their set was good and enjoyable but I don't think I would listen to their songs at home more than once! I enjoy listening to bands with a personal sound,not copycats.
Skarpretter from Denmark took the stage next and got everyone in the punk rock mood!
For those of you who don't Skarpretter,they play '77-style punk rock but a with a clear anarcho leaning to their lyrics and attitude. The bands members were all involved with the Ungdomshuset squat (that got evicted and demolished after three days of strong resistance!) and they dedicated the show to people that go out in the streets and fight the fuckin' system! Fuck yes!
By the way,all the pictures are taken from Kristi (I forgot to bring my camera at the show!),she's a better photographer than me!


doesitmatter said...

It's nice to see a new post here. I hope you'll post pics from the Tragedy shows. Keep the updates coming.

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kristi said...

of course i am a better photographer

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