Sunday, August 2, 2009

Bloody Phoenix,Cut Your Throat,Go Filth Go,Απέχθεια,Devastation Of Life @ Politechnic University,Athens

Fuckin' finally some pics from the Bloody Phoenix show in Athens!!! Unfortunately no pics from Bloody Phoenix(!) 'cause my camera refused to run on low battery! Anyways,this show was really nice and the almost all the supporting bands were from out of town,well except Devastation Of Life.
I'm not gonna provide a show review since it's kinda useless now after all this time but one thing that deserves to be mentioned is that Cut Your Throat and Go Filth Go destroyed everything in their path!!!
New releases coming from both bands so be sure to check'em out.
Bloody Phoenix had a great set too but I was too tired to fully enjoy them,at least I got their latest LP which rules!