Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Arm Your Desires Festival Day 2

Sardanapalm DeathBy the time I had just recovered from last day's hangover the first band started their set! First were Sardanapalm Death from Patra.Their sound is what I call "Napalm Death goes hardcore"! Anyway,they had a good set and they were great opening for what it seemed like a promising day! Right after Sarabante from Athens took over the stage.This was their first show in nearly 2 years,they have a new line up and I was looking forward to see them live.I was fuckin' stoked!!! They play Swedish hc/crust with a lot of melodies and a howling bass that sounds like a fuckin' tank destroying everything in its path!!! Awesome! Asfyxia from Athens were next and they were tighter and better from all the other times I've seen their ugly faces on stage! Old-school,in-your-face crusty/hc.They were very energetic on stage and the people really enjoyed it. A lot of people had high hopes for the next band since it's one of the old Greek hc bands that reunited recently and play live extensively.It's Panikos I'm talking about! I saw them in Kavala some time ago and I was waiting for something great but they were just good,at the time I thought it was the sound that did them no good but from what it seemed that was not the case!Anyway,they played a short set of songs with large pauses between the songs and just before you noticed they were off the stage!By the time the next band was preparing to get on stage I was drunk and I needed something to relax and then it came to me that the next band was Johnny and the Carbonaras!!! I've seen them before and I was excited to see them again.They play psychedelic/surf/rock'n'roll and it's perfect if you're drunk or stoned! They had a great set and the sound was really good,I could hear everything clearly.Two thumbs up! Last but not least were Aas from Athens.They were all drunk but they managed to play a great show and get the vibe accross.Chaotic,garage-y,rock'n'roll guitars accompanied by fast drumming and groovy bass! They played for an hour or so if I remember correctly! Fuck yeah!!!

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