Thursday, June 21, 2007


So...finally summer's here and we got another great live show,this time time it's Magrudergrind (power-violence from u.s) and the greek crust band Hibernation.This show will be the last of the ''season'', apart from the two festivals,(Athens and Tyrnavo near Larissa) with mostly greek punk-hc-crust bands,but more about that on future posts! As for the tortures in the greek police station in Omonia,what more can we say? They try to make the people believe that it was a ''happened-only-once'' incident!...Well ofcourse they're lying.The last 3 years more than 9 people died in greek prisons and police stations under unknown circumstances,most of them belonged to minority groups such as immigrants,mentally ill and heroin addicts....suspicious isn't it?
More bad news is that another squat in Spain got evicted and demolished some days ago..a message to cops,politicians and any authority figures:''keep your fuckin' hands off the squats!!!''
''Object Refuse/Reject Abuse''-DIRT......See you in the pit!!!

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