Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Guided Cradle @ Viologiko squat,Thessaloniki

Since this was the first show of the season and because they didn't had any show booked in Athens, I decided to take a short trip to Thessaloniki (that's 500 km from Athens) to watch Guided Cradle blow some heads with their crusty D-beat! Guided Cradle are from Czech Republic and they just released their second LP ''You will not survive''. These guys blow you from the start with their raw,full overdriven,metallic D-beat! I would also like to thank the people from Delta squat for giving me a place to stay while in Thessaloniki.

See ya in the pit! A//E

More photos soon!!


Anonymous said...

pretty fucking sweet dude!

dis-blogg(e)r said...

psss ontws itan kai gamw ta live!bale k alles photos an exeis!
Dis- or die!