Monday, September 24, 2007

Anti-Mob,Born/Dead,Swartzandanger Live @ Panteios University



What more do you need on a Sunday afternoon than an intense punk show!!! It was clear from the start that this show would be fuckin' awesome! First on the bill were Anti-Mob from Athens with their Japanese influenced punk/hc and their ferocious energy on stage,next were Born/Dead from Oakland CA,fast old-school anarcho-hc/punk.I've been listening to their records for quite some time and I was dying to see them play,I almost forgot to take some pictures from their set cause i was too busy in the small circle pit!!! Finally the almighty Swartzandanger left almost everyone speechless with their epic crust/grind/metal/sludge 40 minute long song!!! Fuckin' A! By the way Will (guitarist and singer of Born/Dead) and Panos Asthma (KS94 collective,Mountza zine) had their birthdays and we threw a small party afterwards! Happy Birthday guys!
Special thanx to everyone that helped us put up this show!

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cool pics !