Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Gegen Den Strom,Kalazaar,Grrrz @ Villa Amalias squat


This was a pretty diverse show! Two punk/hc bands and one industrial punk!!! I love these kind of shows 'cause there are a lot of different people than an all crust punk show or whatever and everyone is having a good time eventually! Anyway,on to the bands now.First were Gegen Den Strom from Athens,this was their very first live appearance and I was looking forward to see them on stage 'cause I really liked the one song I heard on the net.They remind me a lot of Detestation and Contravene mostly because of the male/female vocal trade-offs and guitar riffs.Both vocals were superb I must add! I didn't upload any photos because they didn't want to and I respect that.Looking forward for a release,get in the studio you lazy punks! Next were my good friends Kalazaar also from Athens,'80's Finnish inspired anarcho-punk/hc as fuck!!! Songs that build to a massive circle pit are my all-time favorites! I even tried a backside stage dive but failed (...this is not the first time actually!) and now I suffer from a terrible pain on my ribs! But who cares?? It was fuckin' awesome!!! We got them to play their best song again 'cause one time is never enough! Fuck That Shit!!!! No photos of them for the same reasons.
After all this slam dancing chaos it was time for some industrial punk by Grrrz from France. They are a two-piece but let me assure you that from the start I realized that they don't need more members! They use a lot of pre-recorded bits and add basses,samples and more stuff on top as well a live fuzzed out guitar with a lot of feedback and distortion.The vocals go through a pitch shifter if I understood correct.Overall they keep everything from falling apart but at the same time you can hear everything clearly and their music is quite dance-able actually! I'll give it a shot and try to pull some comparisons,imagine (if you can!) German elektro/industrial mixed with French art-punk!!! Now that's some weird shit! They're set was long and I got drunker and drunker as time past! Awesome night!

Highlights of the night:
1.Landing on my back after a failed stage dive
2.Getting totally drunk
3.Arriving at a rave party after the show and falling off from my friend's motorbike while he attempted (a rather failed) wheelie! More pain for me!
4.Getting more drunk so I can't feel the pain anymore!

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