Sunday, May 25, 2008

Drowned In Conservatives,Formikation,Devastation Of Life,Cut Your Throat @ KS94

This show was not for the faint-hearted! Crazy,brutal death/grindcore from 4 great Greek bands! It should be noted that the show was a benefit for Villa Amalias squat,the squat was attacked about a week ago and a big part was destroyed by fire,so we decided to give the money from the door (actually all the Greek diy shows have no entrance fee..there's just a box on the door and people leave as much money as they want) to help with the reconstruction of the squat.
The first band was Drowned In Conservatives from the city of Patras,brutal death all the way! I'm not that fond of this style but they were good and I think this was they're first show in Athens.Next were Formikation from Athens,that's a great band that really stands out! More powerviolence than grindcore,kinda like the almighty Magrudergrind.No bass here 'cause there's no need for one! The guitar was heavy as fuck,furious drumming and double-style vocals from the singer,throat-shredding and cookie-monster! Very energetic on stage!
Devastation Of Life on they're first show n Athens fuckin' destroyed! Regular readers of this blog will already know about this band as I reviewed their first show in Thessaloniki.They've only got tighter and better since then! Pure grindcore madness! Short songs,heavy,distorted bass and guitar,ultra fast blast beats and pitch-shifted vocals from the depths of hell! Fuck yes! Keep it harsh! Last but not least were Cut Your Throat from Thessaloniki,it's been a while since the last time they played in Athens so I was eager to see them once more and I new they had some new songs for us! They play pathologic grindcore and they're fuckin' good at it! I can't say anything more about them than that their set was mind blowing!
Cheers to all the bands and people who showed up and supported last night...till next your local scene fuckers!

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