Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Plague Mass,Endsight,Censored Sound,Xlos @ ANClub,Athens

XlosI found out about this show just one day before it take place and I was curious to check Plague Mass from Austria,plus I got to see some great greek bands I haven't checked for a while and guess what? It kicked ass!!! First were Xlos,a local punk/hc band with some ska thrown in (personally I hate mixing ska with punk except some bands that do it very well like SkaP or Less Than Jake!),anyway they were good until the ska-punk songs came in! Cesnored Sound had a really great and energetic set,they play old-school sxe hc (although the members are not sxe as far as I know,but who gives a fuck!),they reminded me of Youth Of Today and Judge but they manage not to be just another hc revival band by adding great guitar leads. Next were Endsight (former For What It's Worth),I liked their old songs,which they still play live,and I was curious about their new line-up,turned out to be far more superior! Fast,hard-hitting,in-your-fuckin'-face metalic hc!!! And by metalic I don't mean metal-shit-core! More in the vein of Darkest Hour's Mark of the Judas lp mixed with good '90's hc like Strife! Keep it up guys!
Plague Mass stepped on the stage next and delivered some great new-school hc mixed with From Ashes Rise-style crust,their set seemed sort though and to say the truth it was the crowds' fault 'cause most of them left when Ensign finished their set! What the fuck people?! Anyway Plague Mass were really great and they have their hearts in the right place,they dedicated the whole set to Alex Grigoropoulos (R.I.P) and to the people who took part in the December riots following Alex's murder.Definetely a band I'd like to watch again under better conditions!
Unforunatelly I only took pics from Xlos and Plague Mass because I had no batteries in my camera! (for once again!).Yeah,I know..I'm a fuck up!
Till next time......go fuck yerselves ya posers!


Jerboa 666 said...

endsight vlaka legonte lol. oxi ensign

bronson. said...
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bronson. said...
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bronson. said...
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bronson. said...

αη φακινγκ χεητ γιου φορ δισ.
γιου φακινγκ τεστικλ.
αημ γκλαντ γιου ραν αουτ οφ μπατερι ασσχολ.ντοντ ιβεν θινκ αμπαουτ γκοινγκ του δε νεκστ λαηβ αη τελ γιου αμπαουτ.

φακινγκ ιντιοτ.
φακ οφ.

[γουηθ μι.αη λοβ γιου.φοργκιβ μι φορ δι λανγκουατζ. ΦΑΚ ΟΦΦ]

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