Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Infekcja,Insuiciety,Rivals!,D.A.T,Kalazaar @ Politechnic University,Athens

So here's the review for this show,it took a lot of time 'cause I had lots of things to take care of first (I moved to a new place and still try to get my shit together).
Anyways this show kicked major ass! It was great at all aspects, great sound,great crowd and plus it was a benefit gig for the prisoners of the December riots in Greece.
First band was Kalazaar,it was our best show so far and we all enjoyed it,well besides our drummer who was ill but still managed to deliver!
Next were Rivals!,for those of you who don't know,Rivals! come from the ashes of xFor No Reasonx,a great new sxe old-school hardcore band with the right spirit!
The next band was Insuiciety from Berlin (actually all members are from Poland but reside in Berlin for some years),they were fuckin' awesome at stage to say the least! Sludge/crust attack with some dark melodies that fit great.
Infekcja took over the stage next and destroyed our ears with their grinding harshness these Polish fucks deliver for over a decade!
Last were D.A.T,it's a new band and they play crusty punk hc,well by the time they played I was too drunk to pay attention,but from what I heard they were nice! Hopefully I'll pay more attention next time!
So that was it....take care and stay punk!!

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Kristo said...

aaahm...and who took those beautiful pictures?