Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Grief,Trap Them,Heavensore,Formikation @ Texas club,Athens

I'm really bored to write a review for this show,so I'll just say a few things about each band and that's it! First of all,the show was really great,not too many people showed up 'cause it was on a working day but that's the way I like it! Anyways,Formikation opened the set for once more but I only saw them play their last three songs because I was late! Great as always! Heavensore were next,I had heard their name before but never got the chance to see them live. They are a progressive sludge metal/rock band,they played one 40-minute long track which,to say the truth,kinda bored the hell out of me! The opening riff dragged for too long and kinda lost its interest after a while...I will check them out again though cause they are capable for some really great songs! Trap Them literally destroyed the fuckin' stage! It was one of the bands that wanted to witness live 'cause I knew about the life-changing shows they put on! For those of you who don't know Trap Them,they have a lot of sludge/crust infuences,like His Hero Is Gone for instance and a lot of grindcore mostly Nasum-style,add some of their personal touch on the music and you got a fuckin' raging band! Grief were next,they're one of oldest sludge bands out there along with EyeHateGod.Pure hate for the human race and misery for this stale world is what they're all singing about! They played a long set which included all the great songs they've ever written,their stage presence was exactly as their songs....slow and heavy as fuck with tons of misery..fuckin' brilliant!
Well that's it for now...till next time....hate yourself for being part of the problem!

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