Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Disfear,Doomriders,Dead Vows,Greet The Dead @ AN Club

Greet The Dead
I was looking forward to this show since Disfear are one of my all time favorites,plus Doomriders played too which are an awesome doom rock band from U.S.A.
I have not much to say about this show except that everyone who missed it made a huge mistake! The only bad thing was the fuckin' ticket price! 25 euros!!! That shit only happens in Greece! Anyway,let's move on...first were Greet The Dead,a crust band from Thesalloniki,it was the second time I saw them on stage and I must say that it was kinda of a let down,the main reason was their new vocalist,his voice was repeatitive and with no passion. Of course that is my opinion,so you better check them out yourselves and decide! Next were Dead Vows, a hardcore punk band from Sweden. Their music is not anything special but they had energy on stage and I liked some of their songs a lot,be sure to check'em out. Fuckin' Doomriders took over the stage next and I was in the right mood to enjoy some doom rock! I've been listening to their only lp,which by the way is really great, for a couple of months now and I was looking forward to check them live! They were great! Unfortunately not a lot of people digged their set,but who cares since I and my friends did! Last were Disfear....their set was as powerfull as it can be! They played for about an hour and their set included new (Misanthropic Generation,Powerload,Rat Race,The Furnace) and old songs like Det Sista Kriget and they even played a song from their first 7"! Really awesome band on stage with a lot of energy,plus they were really cool people unlike some "big" crust/punk bands out there that act like fuckin' Guns and Roses!
Also don't forget to check their latest record (Live The Storm),it's a blast!
Till next time....give me one last shot of your powerload!