Sunday, January 20, 2008

24 Hours,Carbonaras,Bad Trip @KS94


24 Hours
Last nights' shows was a blast! I never had the chance to see any of these bands before and i must admit that all of them fuckin' rocked! First on the bill were 24 Hours,a great kinda new band from Athens.I can't exactly describe their sound but I'll try! Mid-tempo,rock (or is it post-rock?) with some punk leanings and many melodies in the guitar section.Like Hot Water Music without the hardcore influences! Next were Carbonaras from Thessaloniki,their sound is somewhere between 60's psychedelic rock and surf rock'n'roll! They bring to mind the almighty Man Or Astro-man? These guys know how to play their instruments! Last were Bad Trip,another band from Thessaloniki (there's got to be something in the water in this city! So many great bands). Post-hardcore at it's best! They take a lot of elements from bands like Isis (Oceanic,Celestial era) and Neurosis but add a personal feeling that comes out great! Maybe it was the samples they used (noisy,ambient,echo) that added great to the mix. One last thing: Bad Trips' drummer has some real issues with his drum set! He almost destroyed everything!

Hangovers rule!!!

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