Monday, July 12, 2010

7/7/2010 Bestial Vomit,Archagathus @ the Politechnic University,Athens

No photos from this show 'cause I had just got back from short vacations and I didn't carry my camera with me.
The show was poorly attented because it was in the middle of the summer and most people prefer to visit the greek islands than a grindcore show! Anyways, both bands were really great if you like the genre but the only let down was that there were no "support" bands so the whole thing ended early.
Bestial Vomit from Italy play noise/grindcore,wall-of-noise guitar,bass that sounds like a tank bombing the fuck out of everything(!),hard-hitting drums and vocals from the deepest cave!
I liked them better live than on record,maybe it's the feeling missing from the recordings.
Archagathus are one of my favorites along with Agathocles and I was really eager to see them live. Powerfull,old-school,mincing grindcore from Canada! Their sound was totally primitive and raw,just how I love it! You can check both bands here: Bestial Vomit and Archagathus.

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