Sunday, February 17, 2008

Allee Der Kosmonauten,Timetrap,Prigogine @ Villa Amalias

Last night was great! It was kinda exceptional because of the snow (last time it snowed in Athens was 3-4 years ago!).I wasn't in a good mood and I was hoping maybe a good show would make feel any better and I was right, Allee Der Kosmonauten gave me exactly what I needed to cheer me up!
First were Timetrap from Athens,they had a good set with some new songs.They play old-school thrash/heavy metal with a lot classic rock influences,not my cup of tea really but good nevertheless.Next were Allee Der Kosmonauten from Germany,a great post-hc/crust band. Actually I don't think anyone can describe their sound,it's one of these love'em or hate'em bands! I love them!
Last band was Prigorine from Thesaloniki,when these guys started their set I realized that I've heard these songs again and I was right! My band (Reststoffen) played with them in Thesalonki some months ago,but I couldn't find out their name and now here they are! Anyway they have a Rage Against The Machine sound but with a hc feeling! I know this sounds weird but it's the best I can come up with! I really enjoyed them!

Less talk,more snowball!

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